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How do I access support, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and what is included with our services?
Posted by Elizabeth Stanley on 17 September 2021 03:04 PM

This article expains how to access support, what sort of response time you should expect (SLA), how we handle hardware issues, what constitutes "super critical", and how our professional services work. Included with all Savance software services is a premium support package that you or any of your staff can access as long as your account is active and in good standings. 

Included Support

  • How to Contact Support:
    • Email:
    • Phone: Call our support line at (248) 478-2555 and dial option 2 for support.
    • Create a Ticket:
    • Chat: 'Live Chat' is accessible directly from our EIOBoard site that reaches any available support person. Please note our live chat hours of availability usually follow our regular office hours - 7 AM EST to 6 PM EST
  • Response Time
    • Regular Support Hours: 7 AM EST to 6 PM EST M-F
    • 24/7 Call Center: Support requests can be created at any time to allow proper triage.
    • Regular Response Time: We will respond within 24 hours to all support requests
    • Super Critical Response Time: We will do our best to respond within 4 hours
      • If the issue is supercritical, mention that your issue is super critical to alert a broader team giving us greater visibility at all hours of the day or night
  • Hardware
    • Our policy is to stand by the manufacturer's warranty and as long as you are in support, we will help facilitate manufacturer warranties, and then provide you with the best options. If you are outside of the manufacturer warranty, unfortunately we are not able to offer extended warranties on hardware.
  • “What constitutes a super critical issue?”

    • Server Down (affecting all users)
    • Vital kiosks down that affect client's checking in (main kiosk in main entry or both kiosks in an entry, etc.,)
    • Door Relay(s) down that affect security and direct access check in
    • Inability to check in patients/visitors for any reason
    • No one can access the system (Cloud or Internet down)
    • Access Control Integration down
    • Vital mustering tablet down (when emergency prevention is required)

Professional Services

Professional services are not included in the included support with Savance software services and must be purchased seperately (contact our sales department at or by calling us at 248-478-2555 for quote and payment assistance). Here are some typicial examples of professional services so you can differentiate from the support that is included with our software services.