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How to make a button on the kiosk invisible but still clickable or How to change the opacity or transparency of any customizable object in the kiosk
Posted by Elizabeth Stanley on 11 October 2021 09:50 AM

As of version 10.1.35, you can set all buttons, not just the Back button, to be invisible but still clickable in the kiosk.

All Buttons

1. Enter the Kiosk Settings

2. Go to Customizations-> Buttons (You may have to click the right arrow on the top bar to scroll to the Customizations tab)

3. Search the Button you want to Hide

4. Click the Back Color option for that button

5. Check 'Opacity' and put it to 0.00

6. Click Set

7. Click the Custom option for that button

8. Put in an empty space to overwrite the text for that button with nothing.

Now both the button and the text on it will be invisible, but the button itself will still be there and clickable.


Back Button

The Back button on the Visitor Sign-in Screen actually has it's own option to made invisible but still clickable.

1. Enter the Kiosk Settings

2. Under Visitor Management-> Advanced Options, check but 'Hide Back Button on Sign In' and 'Make Hidden Button Clickable'