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Troubleshooting the Timmy Temperature Scanner and Temporary Fixes
Posted by Jeremy Wimmer on 22 June 2021 04:11 PM


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We have recently been notified from some of our clients using our temperature scanning device with the kiosk that the screen gets stuck waiting for the temperature to be read. Periodically, it will happen again.

One of our team members was able to find that clearing out the temperature scanner device logs has noticeably prevented this issue from happening. One client reported that disabling and enabling the network adapter addressed the problem once it occurred without a need to reboot. We are currently testing an update to our kiosk software that will clear the log periodically and reset the network adapter if it detects a loss in communication from the temperature device.  In the meantime, please use this knowledgebase article to help you resolve the issue and help us gather more data about the issue and the fix.

Your help is critical in resolving this since we have been unable to reproduce this at Savance.  If this happens during normal business hours, before doing anything, please contact us immediately by creating a “SUPER CRITICAL” support ticket, which will alert our team so someone can reach out immediately.  If you are unable to connect with us and need to get the kiosk operational again, please follow the instructions on clearing the temperature scanner logs below, and see if that addresses the issue.  If it does not, follow the instructions or use the script to disable and enable the network adapter that is attached to the kiosk.  Understanding which resolution works for you will really help us get to the root cause and the ultimate fix we need in place to address this anomaly.

  1. Obtain the Kiosk application logs - Instructions on how to do this can be found here How to retrieve log files
  2. Check the Temperature Scanners log files
  3. Empty logs on the Temperature Scanning device
  4. Evaluate this resolution
  5. Reset the Network Card
  6. Evaluate this resolution
  7. On the first occurrence:
    Restart the kiosk software only and retest. 
    1. If restarting the kiosk software doesn’t work: 
      1. Restart the PC and retest.
    2. If restarting the PC doesn’t work: 
      1. Restart the temp scanner and retest.
If there is a second occurrence:
Restart the temp scanner only and retest. 
  1. If restarting the temp scanner doesn’t work: 
    1. Restart the PC and retest.
  2. If restarting the PC doesn’t work: 
    1. Restart the kiosk software and retest.

Please, share your results with EIOBoard Support as a final step so we can fix the issue permanently.


Upgrades and Fixes

If restarting the Temperature Scanner fixes the issue, you can upgrade the Temperature Scanners firmware to the latest version, which will reboot the Temperature Scanner nightly at 12:30 automatically

If just clearing the logs fixes the issue, you can upgrade the kiosk to 10.3.17ts, which will automatically clear the logs for you with each scan.


Clearing the Temperature Scanner Device Logs

Prior to performing this operation. Please first look to determine how many logs currently exist on the device. To do this:

  1. Tap the Home Button
  2. Tap Info
  3. Under User Info, look at Log Quantity.
Please make a note of the log quantity and then clear the logs by doing the following:
  1. Tap the Home button
  2. Tap the System button
  3. Tap the Advance tab
  4. Scroll down to "Delete all log" and tap it
  5. Tap Ok
  6. Esc back to the first screen

We are hopeful this should greatly reduce the frequency of this issue occurring with the scanner but we're not sure yet.  We hope anyone who experiences this problem will try this step first to see if it immediately resolves the issue.  If it doesn't, we would like the person to try the network adapter reset detailed below before rebooting the kiosk or the temperature device.

Resetting the Network Adapter by Disabling and Re-enabling it

  1. Open the "Device Manager": one of the ways is to execute in the search bar or in the menu (execute is called with the Win + R keys) enter the command devmgmt.msc and press the Enter key. 
  2. To disconnect the network connection: open "Network adapters", right-click on the one you want to disconnect, and click on "Disable device". In the window that appears, click on "Yes."

  3. To enable a network connection: open "Network adapters", right-click on the one you want to enable, and click on "Enable device".