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Knowledgebase: EIOBoard
Touch screen not working after Windows 10 kiosk upgrade.
Posted by Dan Thibodeau on 23 January 2020 04:09 PM

This article explains how to install the correct touchscreen driver on a resistive touch kiosk which has been upgraded to Windows 10.  These models have a D525 motherboard and a black bezel. The units were shipped before May of 2017.  This has not been tested with other kiosk models.

The touch screen requires the driver pictured below.

There are a few places that this can be found. EIOBoard hosts the driver on a publically accessible download link. If the link is broken, a search for the “eGalax EMPIA Touchscreen, v., A03” driver can help, and Dell hosts it on their site as well.  Once you have run the installer, your new Windows 10 operating system will have a continuous mouse cursor on the screen. We will look at how to address that as well.  


Once you have installed the exe, you can run it on the Windows 10 machine having the issue. 

The following setup will begin:


After this setup is complete, restart the computer and follow through with the calibration.  Next to hide the cursor, you can go into mouse settings and select the scheme “Touch Hide Cursor” as seen below.