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Enabling ECO Mode on a Getac F110-G* for Offshore Mustering
Posted by Robert Joseph on 01 October 2018 05:00 PM


We received an explanation from Getac about the issues we were experiencing with a unit here at the office (temperature controlled) and the ones experienced offshore (likely exposed to higher ambient temperature). Their explanation so far tells us that running the batteries at full capacity and never draining them ultimately caused the battery to fail. I guess keeping the battery fully charged on the charger was just as bad for the battery as letting it sit dead. Both of which degrade it over time and could cause it to bulge and fail. 

To resolve this predicament, they suggested a maintenance task to routinely drain the batteries periodically down to say, 20%. However, adding a routine maintenance task to rotate or drain these batteries from time to time would add its own complications.  After we explained our required, always-on, always-powered use case, they suggested a setting called ECO Mode as part of their G-Manager software as a good, middle ground. This allows the battery to work in higher ambient temperatures and will prolong the battery life. The batteries will not ultimately power the device for as long as they could if they were not set to ECO mode and regularly cycled, but the battery lifespan will be maximized over the long run, a fair trade-off.

How Do I Enable ECO Mode on My Getac F110?

  1. Open G-Manager from the Programs List, or look for the blue icon with a gear inside an orb at the system tray

  2. Select the Battery tab

  3. Enable Economy Mode

  4. Make sure you do this for Battery 1 and Battery 2

  5. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

Why Should I Use ECO Mode with my Getac F110?

This configuration is recommended by Getac to reduce premature battery decay seen across environmental variables. This option allows you to partially cycle the battery extending its life to some degree.  This configuration is recommended by Getac to reduce premature battery decay experienced in various environments where the Getac is always plugged into AC power. That is often typical of a muster or kiosk endpoint powered by PoE or plugged into a dock.  Without Economy mode, the manufacturer has notified us that batteries may swell and fail within 18 months.

How does this affect the overall battery life of the device?

The Economy Mode maintains the total charge at 80% to ultimately prolong battery life.

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