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Knowledgebase: EIOBoard
How to Integrate EIOBoard with Google Sites
Posted by Tyler Skene on 08 December 2013 11:29 AM

Here are instructions on how to integrate EIOBoard with Google Sites. This feature will allow you to add a window in your company's Google Site for everyone to use. The window can be placed anywhere in the site, for your company's convenience.

  1. Click the edit button on the Google Site .
  2. Select Insert > More Gadgets...

  3. Choose the Include Gadget (iframe) option.

  4. Click Select to get to the properties window
  5. Add the URL of the EIOBoard website. Also make any changes to the properties of the EIOBoard window.
    • Link to EIOBoard login:
    • Link to Certain Account:

    NOTE: The URL has to be secure (https) for the integration to work.

  6. Save your changes .

Here are the results once you finish setting up your EIOBoard window.