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How Do I Print a List of Employees in Our Office?
Posted by Jacob Fairbairn on 15 March 2013 12:02 PM

If you would like to simply print off all users in your EIOBoard, simply click on the ALL tab in EIOBoard (to view all users), right-click on any user, and click print. This will print the status board as you see it on your screen. If you would like to print only users that are In, you can open the Search pane, have only users with the status of "In" be displayed, and print again by right-clicking on any user.

However, in an emergency situation such as a fire, printing out the status board may not be an option. In an urgent situation like this where you would need a check off list of who was inside the building and contact information at your fingertips, EIOBoard offers an Offline interface just for this purpose. You can read more about this Add-on below:

EIOBoard Offline Interface:

EIOBoard Offline - Emergency Roll Call:

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