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Knowledgebase: EIOBoard
Using The EIOBoard Web Interface With A Mac
Posted by Michael Renock on 21 February 2013 04:31 PM

Some Apple Macintosh computers use the one-button mouse.  There are a few places in the EIOBoard web interface that require you to right-click.  For example, right-clicking on a user's name will bring up a menu that has a number of different options.  There are a few ways you can right-click using a one-button mouse.


1)  Hold the ctrl key and click the mouse button.  This will work on any Mac.


2)  For Macbook users, you can configure the trackpad to use right-clicking.  Simply place two fingers on the trackpad and click the button.  Please note, this feature would need to be enabled in the Keyboard & Mouse settings beforehand.