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Outlook Add-in, Application, Kiosk, or Offline will not connect and Test Connection Fails
Posted by Savance on 08 November 2010 10:06 AM

If the Outlook Add-in, Application, or Kiosk cannot connect and the Test fails, your webservice is probably not working properly.  Here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Attempt to bring up the webservice yourself by navigating to: http://YourURLorIP/webservice/service.asmx with your web browser.  This should bring up a listing of all the available functions and procedures.  If this does not work, you may need to uncheck “Show Friendly HTTP errors” in the Internet Options for IE.  If it is prompting for a login and password, you need to make sure the IIS_USR has permissions to this folder.  Once this works, the interfaces will work.
  2. If your browser says "Server Application Unavailable", please view the following knowledgebase article to fix this:
    What do I do if I get "Server Application Unavailable"?
  3. Make sure you don’t require proxy authentication.  If you do, you will need to add the EIOBoard site to the safe sites in your proxy so it does not require proxy authentication.  EIOBoard does not support proxy authentication.
  4. Make sure the web.config in the webservice folder has the proper SQL server name, userid, and password.
  5. You may have to adjust the AppPool so EIOBoard uses its own.  You can share the same app pool for EIOBoard’s main site and EIOBoard’s webservice, but sometimes sharing the app pool with other IIS applications causes one of the two not to work.
  6. If EIOBoard is a virtual directory, you may also have to go to the parent’s folders and adjust the web.config to ensure child apps do not inherit configuration data.  You need to add the <location></location> tabs before the <system.web> and after the </system.web> tags.  Here is the tag you need to add:


<location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false">