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EIOBoard Errors when attempting an automatic upgrade
Posted by Kevin Merta on 24 June 2011 02:16 PM

After upgrading a Customer-Hosted server or the EIOBoard-Hosted servers are upgraded, the clients will automatically prompt to upgrade to the latest version unless the company setting, “Only prompt for required upgrades” is checked.  When this occurs, version 7.1 and earlier use FTP to attempt to connect to to download the latest. 

Releases of eioboard are now kept at, so the auto-updater for old versions no longer looks at the right links.

The download link to your version is[Version Number]/

If you want to fix or set up Auto-update to still work, you can follow the instructions below:

Auto-Update Setup

This section will outline the steps necessary to automatically update all the mustering endpoints connected to this server. Since they cannot directly access the internet, the installer for the newer version of Savance Emergency Mustering must be stored on the On-Premise server.

Downloading the Installer

The get the latest installer, go to<VERSION>.  For example, the installer for version 10.1.16 is located at

Once the installer is downloaded, move or copy the file to the downloads folder that you created in §2.3. 


Running Database Script

Find “SetHttpUrl.sql” here. Next, open the file in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 

After signing in with the credentials from §2.2, you should see a screen similar to the one above. Notice the dropdown in the upper-left has “SolutionSavant” selected. Enter the full IP address of your server with “/downloads/<DOWNLOAD FILE NAME>” between the empty single quotes so it matches the format of the provided example. Once you ensure that the URL is correct, click “Execute”. Example:

UPDATE Versions


    httpURL = '',

    VersionRevision = 16,

    VersionString = 'Savance Emergency Mustering 10.1.16',

    FTPUpdateFileName = 'EIOBoardOffline10116.exe'

WHERE InterfaceSys = 8

The server is now configured to support automatic updates.

3.3 Downloading Latest Version

Once all the steps above have been completed, simply move the installer for the latest version of Savance Emergency Mustering in the “downloads” folder that was created earlier. The Auto-Update should then proceed without any more user interaction.