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How often does Savance release updates for EIOBoard?
Posted by Savance on 24 January 2010 02:09 PM

Savance releases new releases usually once or twice a year and then releases patch updates as frequently as needed.

For Customer-Hosted users, Savance notifies the administrator when a new version is available for download.

For EIOBoard-Hosted users, all server updates are handled by Savance.

For the Browser and Mobile interface, the updates are automatically available.

For the Application and Kiosk, Savance can configure an upgrade to be optional and not to prompt for upgrade, optional and to prompt for upgrade, or required to run the program.

Savance makes every effort to make upgrades optional but from time to time, upgrades are required. Savance will notify the administrators before any required upgrade to ensure a seamless upgrade. Savance is always making improvements to the EIOBoard software.

If you have any suggestions or known bugs please feel free to contact Savance at (877) SAVANCE (728-2623),, or by using the help desk feature integrated within EIOBoard.