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Changing Minimum Password and Username Length Requirements
Posted by Elizabeth Stanley on 08 June 2021 04:31 PM

Recently EIOBoard has had a security update that increased the default minimum length of usernames and passwords to 8. They may result in you being unable to edit users due to the error "user name must contain 8 characters" coming up when making any edit to the user page.

You can change the username and password requirements in the Web Admin, at the bottom of the 'Global Settings' page.

If you're on Cloud, the minimum length allowed is 8, since the usernames must be globally unique, not just unique to your organization. To make changes to the account you'll have to change the username to be 8 characters or longer. We recommend just using their email, and there is even a setting to force users to use their email as their username.

If you have an on-premise installation you can also manually set these settings to be less through the SQL database. You can do so by running these two scripts against the SolutionSavant Database on the server

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 3

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET UserNameMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 3

(Can have the number with either no quotes or single quotes typed in)



If you've updated the requirements and are still get the error or message that your users passwords do not meet minimum requirements, you can reset the "Password Meets Minimum Requirements" flag for all users in the database as well:

UPDATE dbo.Users

SET PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'true' WHERE PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'false'