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Knowledgebase: Kiosk Interface
How do we add a Custom Field?
Posted by Robert Joseph on 17 February 2021 01:18 PM

You can create a Custom Field either manually through the administration portal, or as you create the question when adding a new question.

Types of Fields

  • Contact Fields: The following fields appear in the "Contact Info" screen
    • These are the fields tied to a single User Account, that can be edited on the Edit or Administer User Screens.
  • Status Fields: The following fields appear in the "Update Status" screen
    • These are the fields tied to a single Status Update, visible whenever you update your status on the web, or to be added as Status Fields with a Kiosk Sign-in.

Desktop Application

To add a custom field in the Desktop application:

1. Go to 'Administrator'

2. In the Admin Panel, go to the 'Fields' tab

3. Then you can right click any field category header to add a field under that section:

4. When creating a field, you can specify it's name, description, Data Type, Default Vale, Data Format(of that Data Type), and whether it's Required, Visible, or has to be a Unique value for each user.


Prior to the Question Manager, a new question requires a custom field to be created beforehand to reference on the Kiosk.

  1. Login to your EIOBoard account.
  2. Navigate to your Administrative Portal
  3. Select the Fields (Cloud Customers will see this address: )
  4. Right-click on Status Fields
  5. Add a Field under Status Fields

Data Types

When adding the field, you can chose it's Data Type, and the format of that Data Type. The other options include:

Unique: Whether more than one person can have the same value in this field

Required: Whether a user has to fill out this field to update their status(status field) or edit their user info/create their user(contact field)

Visible: Whether users will be able to see it in the standard view and on their user page.

Creating a Custom Field in The Question Manager

In the Question Manager, a custom field can be create by pressing the + sign next the field when creating or editing a question

Also, you could create Custom Options as a list or button options in response to your new question if it is the custom options type.