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Upgrading EIOBoard Server on one Machine and SQL Server Remotely Accessible on Another
Posted by Robert Joseph on 26 October 2018 08:22 AM

There are situations, where the SQL Server and EIOBoard Server are installed on different-but networked machines.
Assigning the proper permission for external accounts is tricky.

When the Installer does not have permission to modify the SQL Server database, you will have to use this method for installing an upgrade.

1. Make sure SQL Server is up and the instance you are attempting to connect is using Mixed Authentication.

2. Your system Firewall is not blocking SQL Server port.

3. Verify the SQL Server port is, by default, 1433.

4. Open SQL Server 20** Configuration Manager >> Network Configuration: Enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes protocol.

5. Run the installer in advanced mode and skip the database upgrade.

a) Start the command prompt as administrator.
b) "%File_Path_to_EIOBoard_IntranetInstaller%.exe" IS_ADVANCED_MODE=True
c) Enter, let the installer initialize.
d)Check: Skip Database

6. Retrieve the necessary script for a manual database upgrade.
More info on performing a manual database upgrade -

Download this zip file with the correct version number in the virtual path and filename.

For example, version 10.0.59:

7. Once the installer finishes, perform a manual database upgrade against the EIOBoard database (SolutionSavant).

This completes the upgrade process with a remotely accessible instance of SQL Server.