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Knowledgebase: Mobile Interface
How to report a Bug
Posted by Travis Fleenor on 09 October 2018 05:56 PM

While Savance strives to produce working, error-free code in all of our products no program is perfect. From time to time a new release or update may have an issue that was overlooked during testing. If you feel you have found a bug in one of our programs we want to get it resolved right away. There are steps you can take to help report it to our developers so they can track down the problem and implement a fix. Gather as much of the following information as possible and submit it to our support techs by emailing so we can determine if the problem is indeed a bug and if so get it fixed by our developers as soon as possible

  1. An accurate description of the problem with as much detail as you can provide about what occurred - What behavior you expected vs. what behavior you saw
  2. Whether or not the error is preventing the use of the program, a major problem or minor problem
  3. The EIOBoard Product/Interface, version and build number in which you experienced the problem
  4. The OS Version and Build of any system on which the problem was encountered
  5. Any system logs, event viewer logs, install logs, or application logs relevant to the problem - this knowledge base article details how to obtain log files from our products
  6. Detailed steps on how to reproduce the error including screenshots if possible. If a video recording of the error can be obtained that is even better.

Possible tools for recording screen actions include the following but there are many others as well-

  • Microsoft Snipping Tool (Windows 8, 10, Server) - click on the start menu and type in Snipping Tool then click on the icon to launch
  • Microsoft Steps Recorder (Windows 8, 10, Server) - click on the start menu and type Steps Recorder then click on the icon to launch
  • Loom - a free screen recording software you can download from
  • GoToMeeting - using the meet now feature you can host a meeting with only your self, share your screen and record it while recording audio of an explanation of the problem. This requires an active license/subscription to GoToMeeting. You can send the GoToMeeting video format or use the conversion tool to convert the video to .mp4 and then send it to us. The video may have to be uploaded to a sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive if is too large to email.

If you are experiencing a bug in one of our products we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused and will work to rectify it as soon as possible using the information you provide to us. One of our support techs will follow up with you and may reach out for additional information.