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Knowledgebase: Kiosk Interface
Installing and Setting Up a 2D Bar Code Reader on a Kiosk
Posted by Bruce Fidler on 16 September 2016 03:30 PM

Installing and Setting Up a 2D Bar Code Reader on a Kiosk


Create a USB Virtual COM Port for Bar Code Reader


  • Install driver.  If you do not have the appropriate drive, contact the device manufacturer’s web page or them directly.
  • Connect the reader to the Kiosk and note if there is an audible “Do Re Me” melody when powered on. 
  • On the computer, check Device Manager in the Ports section, to see if the computer successfully detects the scanner as “Bar Code Scanner.” The COM port number would vary depending on different hardware environment.


 This image is used for illustration only.  Your particular ports will vary.

  • In device manager I looked at the ports and unplugged the scanner to see which COM port (number) disappeared, thus knowing that the scanner was that one.  I re-plugged it in and again noticed which COM port re-appeared, confirming the right number.  (symbol Bar Code Scanner (COM 3)).


  • In the Kiosk application, log in to the Admin screen and click the Comms tab and note the appropriate COM port number for the scanner you just installed from one of the two sections.  If there is more than one “reader” (card reader and bar code reader) installed on the Kiosk you will need to choose the COM port for the 2D Bar Code Reader from the drop down list.  Click the appropriate radio button for the PCProx/Barcode/ID and then click “Save”.