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Knowledgebase: Kiosk Interface
Fingerprint Scanner Shows Wrong ID
Posted by Tyler Skene on 27 December 2013 01:19 PM

When configuring the fingerprint scanner to work with the kiosk, the baud rate needs to be the same in three locations. These locations consist of the Port Properties, SecureAdmin, and the EIOBoard Kiosk. Below are instructions on how to change the baud rate for all of these devices.


Port Properties

The ports are located in the device manager, which can be accessed through the control panel. Once you are in the device manager, the properties window can be opened by right clicking the fingerprint reader's port and clicking Properties. After the window opens, click the Port Settings tab. The fields in this tab need to be filled out as follows: bits per second = 57600, data bits = 8, parity = none, stop bits = 1, and flow control = none. Finally click OK to save the settings.




After the SecureAdmin is launched, click the Device Settings button on the left-hand side. Then click the arrow next to Device Settings and DefaultGroup, this will expand both categories. Select the fingerprint reader under the DefaultGroup section. Next, a bunch of tabs will appear on the screen. Go to the Communication tab and configure the settings as follows.

Host Port
Protocol: RS-232
Baud Rate: 57600

Once the changes are made, scroll to the bottom and click apply to save them.



EIOBoard Kiosk

Once in the EIOBoard kiosk, go to the Fingerprint tab. Change the Baud: to 57600. Finally click Save.


Now that all of the baud rates match, the correct number should be read into the EIOBoard kiosk. If you need further assistance, contact EIOBoard support.