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Knowledgebase: Kiosk Interface
How to Register the Kiosk Software
Posted by Jacob Fairbairn on 19 March 2013 07:11 PM

Your EB-KIOSK-SW Software needs to be registered in order to license it.  If you are opening your Kiosk or other EIOBoard Software for the first time, click on Activate! to enter in your Install Key. You will find your install key in your original software download email sent after you signed up for a trial or purchased the base software.

Note: You must be connected to the Internet to activate your software or request a trial. If your kiosk or other software being installed does not have access to the internet, you allow it to reach the needed sites by making two firewall rules for the server IP: Outbound on port 443 and 80 to remote address; Inbound on port 443 and 80 to remote address, then you can remove afterwards. You can also validate you can hit the site: activation url:


If you have already been using your Kiosk (such as for an EIOBoard trial), login with the admin using the admin code (7282623), and click the Register button to put in your new key.

 Simply type in the install key that was provided to you and activate it to license your purchase. You are now able to use your new EIOBoard Kiosk!