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EIOBoard Wall Mount PC Appears Locked on Startup or Punch Software Does Not Start
Posted by Keith Colegrove on 19 September 2011 01:44 PM
This article addresses an issue with the wall mount PC with Windows XP Embedded where it appears to be locked after Windows starts.  If you are using the Punch software you may also see an issue where the Punch software does not start at bootup.  

What may be causing the PC to stall during startup is the SSDP Discovery Service and the Universal Plug and Play Device Host.  To correct this issue go into the Services through Administrative Tools.  Set the Startup Type to Disabled for both of these services.  

In addition to the steps above, if you are also having trouble with the EIOBoard Punch software not starting properly at startup you can correct this by running version 7.1.52 or higher.