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Knowledgebase: Kiosk Interface
Elo Touch Screen Kiosk Configuration
Posted by Kevin Merta on 17 August 2011 03:12 PM

Follow the steps in this article to configure your new Elo Touch Screen and prepare it to install the EIOBoard Kiosk software.

  1. The PC component of the kiosk ships separately from the display in most cases. Follow the instructions included with the PC to insert it into the Elo touch display.
  2. To download the Touch Screen Drivers, download them from the following page (use the Touch Drivers at the top):
  3. We recommend turning off Windows Updates. By default the Windows Updates are on and this can cause slow performance of the kiosk and touch screen, especially initially when there are many updates to download and install. If you prefer to leave the Windows Updates enabled, it is recommended that you schedule them for after hours. You may also want to manually check for and install updates initially until it is up to date. 
  4. OPTIONAL: The Elo display may ship with a lower resolution. For best results, go into the display settings through the Control Panel and increase the resolution to your preferred setting. 
  5. While in the display settings the screensaver should be disabled and the power settings to put the PC into standby should be disabled so your display does not shut off on its own. 
  6. By default User Account Control (UAC) may be enabled. It is recommended you disable UAC for the EIOBoard Kiosk software to run properly. If you prefer to leave UAC enabled you will need to make sure to run the EIOBoard Kiosk software as an administrator or you will not be able to save the settings. Many of the settings are saved to the Registry and if UAC is enabled and you do not run the EIOBoard Kiosk software as an administrator you will not be able to save the settings to the Registry and you could see errors as well. 
  7. To continue installing and configuring the EIOBoard Kiosk software, follow the help guides at: