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What network ports need to be open for EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board to operate?
Posted by Savance on 24 January 2010 10:15 PM

EIOBoard Port

Most of the EIOBoard data uses the standard Internet port, port 80 or the SSL port, port 443. The only feature that does not use port 80 or port 443 is the chat, which uses port 5222. For On-Premise customers, the hosting URL ports are configurable in IIS and the chat port is configurable in EIOBoard Server Admin, both accessible from the hosted server.


URL Port

1. Navigate to the site in IIS

2. Under 'Edit Site' on the right side, click 'Bindings...'

3. There you can edit the site bindings and port numbers used by the HTTP and HTTPS site

Chat Port

1. Open the EIOBoard Server Admin

2. Go to the Chat Tab under 'Management'->'Settings'

3. There you can edit the TCP/IP Port being used for the chat service on the server.