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JavaScript Error with EIOBoard Mobile Interface on Windows Mobile 2003
Posted by Savance on 16 August 2010 10:48 AM

If you open the EIOBoard Mobile Interface on a Windows Mobile 2003 device, you may receive a warning logging in that says JavaScript is not enabled.  There is a known issue that you may still see this warning even though JavaScript is enabled, and in most cases cannot be turned off.  If you see this message, you should be able to click “Continue Anyway” and advance to the welcome screen.  To bypass this message in the future, just click the “Remember me” checkbox when logging in.  You will see this message one more time when you login, but the next time you open the EIOBoard Mobile site, you will login automatically and will not see the JavaScript warning. 

You can also install the Microsoft Internet Explorer Tools for Pocket PCs to change the JavaScript settings on your mobile device.